The Compliance Department is responsible for ensuring adherence to the BCCEI’s respective collective agreements and attending to queries that relate to these.

From inception, the BCCEI’s approach has been conciliatory with the aim of resolving concerns in the best interest of all parties, within the ambits of the law, and with the view of maintaining relationships to ensure that the employee/s and employer/s involved in a particular query will continue with their relationship after having concluded our investigation.

The BCCEI have a number of designated agents at your service, as empowered by the Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 to give effect to this obligation and assist all parties to the best of their abilities.

The main aim is to educate, mediate and ultimately ensure compliance to the collective agreements’ provisions as extended to non-parties by the Minister of Labour with due cognisance of the economic impact it might have on smaller firms and to ensure a fair outcome after having objectively weighed up all factors.

An independent exemptions board (IEB) as well as an independent exemptions appeal board (IEAB) consisting of highly experienced and qualified individuals, not employed by the BCCEI, to consider exemption applications pertaining to any condition contained in our respective collective agreements in accordance with the Councils’ constitution.